Travel Photography and Multimedia Presentaions by David Stoeckel
TURISTA con camara tomar bonito fotos!

Not another tourist with a camera! Yes! That's me with my
Nikon D70 competing with all the other tourists in order to
secure a certain vantage point to take a snap.
Are my snaps different from the rest?
I hope so! Perhaps because of ...
  • Camera angles! My vantage points are different, often unusual
    and I would like to think, more artistic.
  • Patience! I wait for the tourists to step aside. You can be waiting for a long time!
  • Light! A flash is never used. It is always natural light that is captured.
  • Multimedia! The scale and ambience of spaces, places and objects
    are recreated using multimedia. SWISH Max 4 is used to generate
    moving panoramas and flowing image sequences.
  • Audio! Music and sound loops are often added to evoke the awe that I
    experienced when in those spaces and places photographed.
  • Themes! Certain themes run through many of the presentations.
    With an overwhelming multitude of things to photograph my vision is often channelled into certain themes.

Call in and have a browse. It might prompt you to visit some of the places. Many of my images have been used by various online Tourism sites.
Like to hear from you: Drop me a line.

Adelaide. South Australia.
PS Sometimes it's good to leave the camera behind!